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  6. *Contact numbers – Please include the main number for the school and at least two other ways to be reached. A cell phone number should be one of the secondary numbers as we may have the ability to text information to a cell number.

    **Please note that it will be the responsibility of the school to remove or change any numbers provided by contacting the Cherry Hill Office of Emergency Management. **

    The purpose of this form is to allow for a quick notification of your school in the event of an incident that will impact the students and staff. Such incidents include Police and Fire department activities and may require the school to change normal activities. Many schools are familiar with Tiered Lock Down System used by the Cherry Hill Board of Education as well as many private schools and daycares. This system at times is started internally, however at times it begins with a call from emergency services.

    The Cherry Hill Police and Fire Departments need a fast way to reach all schools in an area where they are operating and the information provided here will allow for fast and effective notification of your school in the event that a lock down is required. All information is secure and will be entered into the Police database where it will be shared with the Fire Department only.

    We are asking that you add a cell phone to the list of contacts. In the near future we will have the ability to text alerts to a cell phone number. Know that these text messages will only be sent when your school is affected. A cell phone is not required to enroll in this program.

    Only Private schools and daycare centers will be eligible to enroll in this program and every request will be checked to verify that it is a school.

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