Dwell at Cherry Hill

Dwell at Cherry Hill announces that is will be reopening its waiting list for available affordable housing units at its development located at 1982 Route 70 East, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08003. The housing development was completed by the Klein Company in 2013 and is available to low- and moderate-income households. 

The affordable housing available includes rents up to $944/month and includes one and two bedroom units.  Water, sewer, and trash utilities are included.  Applicants will first complete a Preliminary Application.  Once the lottery is held and it is determined that a household meets the income requirements, interested households will be required to submit a full application and income documentation, and pass a credit and criminal background check in order to qualify.  If approved, a $50.00 application fee will be required.  The maximum household incomes permitted are $45,640 for a one person household, $52,160 for a two person household, $58,680 for a three person household, $65,200 for a four person household, and $67,808 for a five person household. Once certified, households will be matched to affordable units.  All successful applicants will be required to demonstrate the ability to pay a security deposit and first month’s rent, and agree to maintain the units as the family’s primary residence.

Applications are available at the Cherry Hill Township Municipal Building located 820 Mercer Street, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08003 from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.  Applications can also be requested via mail by calling (856) 488-7870 or online at www.cherryhill-nj.com.  Applications will be accepted until the units are filled.  Applicants will also be selected through a lottery system, which shall be held on Friday, September 21, 2018 

A copy of the Preliminary Application can be found here.  
An Informational Flyer can be found here.  

For additional affordable housing opportunities in Cherry Hill Township, please contact Edward Einhaus, Housing Coordinator at (856) 432-8706 or via email at eeinhaus@chtownship.com.  Thank you.