Business Council

The Cherry Hill Business Council is a volunteer committee composed of leaders from a diverse cross-section of Cherry Hill businesses who work collaboratively with the Mayor and senior staff to identify areas of concern for local businesses, develop solutions, and discuss new initiatives for the Township. The Business Council serves as an incubator and forum for business leaders to share their opinions, concerns, and suggestions about how the Township can provide better support and assistance, and encourage continued economic growth.

Minutes of the October 27, 2015, joint meeting, Business Council and Citizens Cabinet 

Mayor Cahn welcomed everyone and introduced

            Paul Stridick – Head of Community Development

            Melinda Kane – Councilwoman

            Brian Bauerle - Councilman

            Lenore Rosner – Business Administrator

            Erin Gill – Director of Policy and Procedure

  • There has been no tax increase in four years yet have increased municipal services
    • The Township is investing over $8 million in roads for the next budget year
      • We are asking residents to please report bad roads and we will inspect them 
  • Mayor and Council have been conducting Town Hall Meetings throughout the Township with great response from the residents.  They have enjoyed hearing what is going on around town and appreciate the opportunity to ask questions of the Mayor
  • Mayor cut the ribbon October 26th for five brand new tennis courts at Cherry Hill High School West.  They are township owned and will be resurfaced in summer 2016 to be green with purple.   This will be great for school spirit.
  • The Township in a collaborative effort with the CH Board of Education will be constructing turf fields at both High Schools.
    • Currently 90% of high schools use turf fields
    • They will be multi-sport fields that can be used for lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, and football – there will also be a new running track
  • We are going to automated trash collection
    • The township needs to get out 22-23,000 trash bins
    • Savings to Township over the life of the contract
  • Route 70 Update
    • Novemeber 19th public meeting 5-8 p.m. by Department of Transportation
    • DOT will be going over the project  and what it will look like during construction and the impact it will make on traffic
    • Route 70 will end up looking very much like it currently does with some minor changes
    • The state will be doing street beautifying
    • This is a federally funded project with a tentative start date of 2017
    • Project will start at the WaWa in Pennsauken and end at Olga’s Diner
  • Springdale Road Update – Phase 2
    • Project to begin at Fire Station and end at bridge before ShopRite
    • Anticipated start date early spring 2016 – will take 6-9 months
    • Will include a beautifully landscaped median with lights
    • Will include sidewalks and bike lanes on both sides
    • Will be clearly defined as one lane
    • Will include safe passages to make turns

Question and Answers

  • How will Rt 70 impact Syms? 
    • Change is out of back of Syms
  • Will the state work on Rt 70 around the clock?
    • Will find out at meeting on November 19th
  • Is the Township looking into light sequencing on Kresson Rd and Springdale Rds?
    • The Township has asked the county to look into this problem but the solution is very expensive
  • Is the county repaving Springdale from Rt 70 to Church?
    • The county has done some minor repaving
  • When is Cooper Landing being repaved?
    • County should be repaving soon
  • When is Kresson Rd being redone?
    • Kresson is on the list to be repaved but is a few years out
  • Are there any changes to bulk trash?
    • No, there are no changes.  Residents can get bulk trash picked up weekly or can drop of at DPW on Perina Blvd.
  • What can the township doing about speeding on Frontage Rd?
    • We don’t put up speed bumps as they damage emergency vehicles, snow plows
    • Chief Monaghan will follow up with Traffic Safety

Paul Stridick – Community Development

  • Lee Stone – buildings will be taken down
  • Rt 70 – healthcare corridor
    • Syms ->  Penn
    • Kennedy -> tremendous investment in facility
    • Lourdes Care -> running strong
    • Keswick Cycle -> Virtua
    • Healthcare projects produce tax revenue for township
  • MSA building on Haddonfield Road is being demolished and a shopping center is being built
  • Frontage Road  - at the old site of Steak & Ale will be a four story hotel for extended stay – there will be no restaurant
  • Cherry Hill tax ratables are 8.2 billion
  • Mayor and Council are passing a puppy ordinance to not allow the sale of puppies unless they are rescue animals
  • There are many small signs up and down Rt 70 and Rt 38
    • The township does try to police this and fine the businesses
  • Where does the Pro Build site stand?
    • Currently in front of NJ Supreme Court
  • Leaf Pickup is starting this week – the township does this twice a year, possibly 3 times – call DPW if you have any issues
  • Areas of redevelopment on West Side
    • Plan not finalized 
  • Brace Road and Haddonfield Berlin Road (561)
    • Need to redo shopping center
    • State will not put light in at shopping center entrance on Brace Road
  • Costco
    • Will be next to Home Depot
    • There is work to be done on the land so it is probably some time away from being built