Fire Safety in Schools

For children ages 14 and under, the number 1 health risk isn't drugs or disease; it's injuries. Each year, unintentional injuries kill more than 6,000 children and permanently disable more than 120,000.

Every time a child is injured or killed by an unintentional injury, everyone suffers - the child, his or her family, classmates and friends and the entire community. Sadly, the vast majority of these injuries are not random accidents - they are predictable and preventable. With education, motivation and the support of caring adults, Cherry Hill Fire Department believes that children can learn to be much safer.


Safety Smart is web-based curriculum designed for use by educators, offered by Health World, Incorporated. The program includes fire safety, accident and injury prevention and electrical safety hazards.

Safety Smart in Cherry Hill

Safety Smart is a school-based curriculum that links teachers with community safety experts and parents. In Cherry Hill, Safety Smart is being taught in public schools in grades 1, 3, 5 and 6 as part of the Physical/Health Education Program. The Cherry Hill Fire Department coordinates with the schools and provides education, support to the teachers, supplies workbooks and records the preliminary test and post-test results to ensure the safety messages are being learned by our children.


We ask parents/guardians to please take a few minutes to complete a survey so we can determine how, if at all, the instruction is being put to use. Thank you for your participation.