Grading Plan Permits

For all single family residential lots where the actual graded area is 500 square feet or more, the permit fee for grading and earthwork is $50. For commercial property, the permit fee is $45 for 500 to 10,000 square feet, $75 for 10,001 square feet to 1 acre, and $50 for each additional acre or fraction thereof.

Please contact the Code Enforcement Department by calling (856) 488-7855 for grading permit information.

Right of Way Permits

Right of Way permits are required for any work within the township's right of way, including plans to lawfully cut, break into, excavate, grade, damage, or open any of the roads, streets, avenues, or highways belonging to the township, or repairing damaged sidewalks and curbs. The fees for Right of Way permits are based on the scope of the work being performed.

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Please contact the Engineering Department by calling (856) 424-3203 for Right of Way permit information.

Sewer Connection Permits

Sewer Connection permits are required make any connection with the sewer systems in the Township whether privately or municipally owned without first having made application for and secured a permit to make such connection. The fee for the Sewer Connection permits are based on the scope of work being performed.  

Please contact the Engineering Department by calling (856) 424-3203 for Right of Way permit information.

Tree Removal

Tree removal permits are required to remove any tree over 15 inches in circumference and 12 inches above ground on land within the township. An application is necessary when destroying, cutting, removing, or trimming more than 30% of any tree of this size.

Please contact the Public Works Department by calling (856) 424-4422 for tree removal permit information.

Environmental Permitting

Wetlands are areas of land having water at or near the surface for longer than a week and are usually located between uplands and a course of water. Wetlands provide flood and storm protection and aid water purification and pollution control. They also provide refuge for many endangered species. Because of their environmental value, New Jersey has strong wetlands protection laws. All work to be done in close proximity to wetlands requires state permitting.

Please contact the Bureau of Freshwater and Wetlands by calling (609) 777-0454 for wetlands permit information.