Road Construction

Road Maintenance Program
The Road Maintenance Program is a long-term plan that attempts to be equitable, cost conscious, and service oriented. Because 26 miles of township roads run through Cherry Hill, it would be impossible to repair or reconstruct all of Cherry Hill's many streets at 1 time. Therefore, the township developed a comprehensive program to evaluate and determine the appropriate maintenance for every road.

Residents often question why some streets are repaired before others that appear in greater need, but the purpose of the program was to develop a rational maintenance schedule. The township balances the type of work necessary with the urgency of the repair and a less costly technique may be used for certain roads to extend their useful lives.

Treatment Types
The program provides 4 different types of treatment, depending on the road’s condition:
  • Micro-seal process - The micro-seal provides for a thick coating, which fills the cracks to prevent potholes and water infiltration into the pavement. The use of seal coating is an excellent tool for road preservation.
  • Overlay - The overlay process involves shaving the top 2 inches off the road and then resurfacing it. This process is performed on roads whose base is in good condition but the topcoat has deteriorated.
  • Recycled pavement - At 1 third of the cost of total road reconstruction, the recycled pavement process involves stripping the top 2-inch layer, then recycling and repaving using the original pavement. This process is an environmentally-friendly, cost-conscious way to extend the useful life of a road.
  • Total reconstruction - Total reconstruction involves removing and replacing the top pavement and the base.
Contact Information
For additional information, please contact the Engineering Department by calling 856-424-3203.