Public Works


The duties of the Public Works Department include:

  • Routine maintenance of the Township's municipal roadways
  • Leaf collection in the fall and snow collection in the winter
  • Maintenance of the Township's storm and sanitary systems
  • Maintenance of trees and grass on Township-owned land
  • Management of the Township's solid waste and recycling contract

The Public Works Department also issues tree removal permits. Cherry Hill Township requires a permit to remove any tree that is 15" in circumference. Residents are permitted to remove up to 3 live trees within a 12-month period. Applications for tree permits may be dropped off at the Department of Public Works building located at 1 Perina Boulevard Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 or faxed to (856)424-0119. Please be advised that an inspection from the Cherry Hill Township Public Grounds Department may be required prior to issuance of the permit.

You may use the link below to download the permit application.

If you want to remove more than 3 live trees, you are required to obtain Zoning approval from Community Development. For more information, please contact the Community Development Department at (856) 488-7870.