Plant-A-Patch Community Gardens

Plant-A-Patch is a community gardening program at Barclay Farmstead. Each year, over 100 gardeners maintain and harvest individual garden plots on original farm fields. The program also features Plant-A-Patch 101, an orientation for new/returning gardeners, as well as the Harvest Dinner, held each August. A standard 25 feet by 25 feet plot is $30 per season (April through October) and includes water hook-ups.

For more information or to apply, email J. Rosenblum or call 856-488-7868

Vegetable garden


2019 Memo of Understand (PDF)

Important Information

You must be actively gardening by May 31st. After that date, the Township reserves the right to forfeit, adopt and/or re-assign abandoned/unattended plots.

All non-organic material including, but not limited to, tools, stakes, strings and plastic materials must be removed by Gardeners no later than Sunday, October 13th. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of plot(s) for following season.