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Cherry Hills Township
820 Mercer St.
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Ph: (856) 665-6500

About the Cherry Hill Fire Department

 Map of Cherry Hill - Fire Response Locals and Stations
Cherry Hill Fire Department's Emergency Response Stations and Fire Response Locals. Click on a fire local to view the details for the responding fire station in that area.

The Cherry Hill Fire Department is a full-service fire protection and emergency medical public safety agency serving the citizens of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. We are dedicated to the protection of life and property of our residents and community, and strive to deliver excellence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in our commitment to quick and efficient emergency response and fire prevention.

Our Resources
We deploy two (2) ladders and four (4) engines from six (6) fire stations located throughout the town of Cherry Hill, each station manned 24 hours a day. Three of the stations also house an active Ambulance unit, and we have one specialized Rescue Team and one specialized Hazardous Materials Response Team. Cherry Hill Fire Department is often assisted at emergencies by the Cherry Hill Fire Police unit and the Rehab 13 unit, both staffed by trained volunteers to help when needed.

Our primary responsibility at the fire department is the safety of our citizens.

Emergency Response (Field Operations) - Whether by responding to house fires, motor vehicle accidents, hazardous materials incidents, medical emergencies, or lock outs, we pride ourselves on providing a high level of professional service to those in need.
  Fire Suppression - The heart of any fire department begins with the extinguishment of fire to save life and property. This includes structure fires in commercial properties and residential homes, grass or vegetation fires, or vehicle fires due to motor vehicle accidents
  Emergency Medical Services - We deploy three Basic Life Support Ambulance units 24 hours a day. These units handle upwards of 8,000 medical emergencies every year. All of our firefighters are also EMT certified to ensure that no matter which emergency vehicle arrives on scene first, residents in need will get immediate care
  Rescue - Rescue 13, our technical rescue team, trains extensively in preparation for and responds regularly to incidents that include, but are not limited to, motorists entrapped during motor vehicle accidents, high angle or trench rescues, structural collapse rescues, water and ice rescues
  Hazardous Materials Mitigation – Hazmat 13, our hazardous materials response team, is dispatched throughout the immediate region for such emergencies as bomb threats, chemical releases, suspicious substances, and other incidents

Fire Prevention (Before the Fire or Emergency) - Beyond the emergency scene, we also work towards fire prevention through safety inspections and public education. Our Fire Marshal’s Office performs inspections on all commercial properties, and offers home safety inspections upon request through our Residential Smoke Alarm Program. We have several public safety programs that we offer to the residents of Cherry Hill, and are working to increase our community education presence to keep our citizens informed and prepared.

Fire Investigations & Follow-ups (After the Fire) - The Fire Marshal investigates all fires and explosions that occur in Cherry Hill, interacting with local and federal law enforcement and other investigating agencies to ensure a thorough investigation of every such incident. When a major residential fire occurs, our firefighters, fire inspectors, and fire marshal will walk the neighborhood in which the fire took place and offer free home inspections and fire safety information to the surrounding residents, taking the time to discuss possible hazards in the home and ensure that all smoke alarms are working. 

To view our Organizational Chart, Organizational Chart Fire Station 4 - Springdale Rd