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Residential Inspection Request Form (Resale)

  1. To request an appointment for a Certificate of Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector Compliance inspection for the resale of a home, please complete and submit the form below.

  2. Do NOT use this form for RE-INSPECTIONS or RENTALS!

  3. Property Information

  4. Buyer Information

  5. Realtor Information

  6. Must Include an email for appointment contact (seller, buyer, and/or realtor)

  7. Appointment Contact*

  8. 1. Review the available dates by clicking on the CALENDAR - INSPECTION DATES link below.
    2. Enter your 1st & 2nd choices in the comments section below.
    3. Appointment date and time will be emailed to you when schedule is set.

  9. Payment is due at the time of the inspection in the form of a CHECK or a MONEY ORDER, payable to the CHERRY HILL FIRE DEPARTMENT.

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