Safety Smart Curriculum

Cherry Hill Public Schools in conjunction with the Cherry Hill Fire Department are presenting the Safety Smart Program in schools for the year 2018-2019. It is the intention of the program to involve parents by assigning after school safety activities for children to participate in at home.

Listed below are some focus points that are included in the curriculum over the course of the school year.

Your participation is greatly appreciated and important to the implementation of future fire safety programs in our schools.

Program Focus Includes
Safety Smart about Fire - 1st Grade
  • What makes fire
  • Ways to prevent fires
  • Ways to detect fires
Safety Smart at Home - 3rd Grade
  • Relationship between safety and their physical environment
  • Behaviors to reduce risk and help avoid injury
Safety Smart Science: Fire - 5th Grade
  • Understand that fire needs fuel, heat and oxygen to keep it burning
  • Understand that fire is a chemical reaction
  • Understand that heat is transferred by conduction, convection and radiation
Safety Smart Science: Electricity - 6th Grade
  • Understand what materials insulate and conduct electricity
  • How electrical circuits work
  • Identify what safety hazards accompany electricity