Master Plan

The Master Plan is a document created to guide Cherry Hill Township in establishing land uses in the long-term future. It is based on analysis of physical features, socioeconomic data, and emerging trends within the Township. It establishes goals and policies for future development, while setting forth recommendations to guide planning decisions that will achieve a desired relationship among future land uses. These commendations will result in future land use patterns, which promote the best possible living and working conditions for present and future residents.

Cherry Hill Township's Master Plan is the guidebook for community planning. Last codified in 2003 and officially updated in 2007, the Master Plan analyzes population trends and determines development goals. Because most large-scale development occurred in decades past, top priorities in the plan now include preserving wetlands, existing neighborhoods and open space, while promoting smart growth. The Master Plan is the culmination of resident input, evaluation of past and existing land uses, and the formulation of short- and long-term planning, growth and preservation strategies.

Cherry Hill Township is a thriving, diverse community that provides a safe and healthy place to live for all residents by valuing the natural environment, as well as a sustainable, broad-based economy that serves the needs of the community. The future development of Cherry Hill will utilize smart growth principles such as neighborhood livability; better access to destinations and less traffic congestion; thriving town centers; lower municipal costs and taxes by maximizing existing infrastructure; and preserving open space.

2015 Housing Element & Fair Share Plan - Available for Review 
Please take notice that on Monday, December 7, 2015 at 7:30 PM, a hearing will be held before the Cherry Hill Township Planning Board at the Cherry Hill Township Municipal Building located at 820 Mercer Street, Room 208, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002.  The purpose of the hearing is to consider and adopt the Cherry Hill Township Housing Element and Fair Share Plan, at which time you may appear either in person or by attorney and present comments and/or objections you may have on the Plan. 

The Cherry Hill Township Housing Element and Fair Share Plan is available for examination in the Department of Community Development, 820 Mercer Street, Cherry Hill, New Jersey from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday.  This notice is being given in accordance with the requirements of the Cherry Hill Township Ordinances and Municipal Land Use Law N.J. Statutes Section 40:55D et seq. 

Further take notice that said Planning Board may at its discretion, adjourn, postpone, or continue the said hearings from time to time, and your are hereby notified that you should make diligent inquiry of the Planning Board Secretary concerning such adjournments. 

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