Reducing Use of Plastics

Plastics, plastics everywhere. What once was thought of as a convenience has become an environmental disaster. Walk anywhere and you will often see empty plastic bags stuck on bushes or blowing across streets and into natural lands and waters. Strolling down beaches who hasn't found plastic bags or straws ready to be blown into the ocean where they have killed sea turtles and other marine life. Maybe you have thought about how we can address this worldwide problem locally.

And the problem is not just single-use plastic bags or plastic straws, but it's the next step beyond recycling. The banning of single-use plastic bags has happened in some countries, US states and towns, and some restaurants have voluntarily begun to limit their use.

So, what can we do? How about using reusable bags? Bring them with you to supermarkets, convenience stores and drugstores. Second, bring your own water bottle regularly rather than purchasing bottled water. Third, stop using straws or just buy a reusable metal straw. And don't forget to reuse containers.

For a list of helpful ideas, check out "A Relatively Painless Guide To Cutting Plastic Out of Your Life" at

Plastic Bag Trash

Article and photo: Sue Wolf