EMS Training Academy

In 2015, NJOEMS authorized the CHFD EMS Training Academy as a Training Site for Initial EMT Certification classes. Some of the additional classes taught at the Training Academy include:

  • EMT Refresher Classes
  • Basic First Aid and CPR for Laypeople
  • Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS)
  • EMS Safety
  • Pediatric Education for Pre-Hospital Professionals - BLS (PEPP)
  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)
  • Emergency Services - Rescue Task Force
The classes are taught by highly recognized instructors in their field of expertise. To keep the class engaged in the learning experience, our instructors use interactive tools and simulation equipment that aid in the learning process. Participants have commented that our instructors make the material interesting, relatable, relevant and interactive . The instructors' enthusiasm during an 8 hour course makes it enjoyable for the participants especially since it isn't an 8 hour lecture.